eLife #ECRWednesday webinar: Being a scientist and a parent – Sep 26, 2018

The journal eLife is organizing a webinar dedicated to the topic “Being a scientist and a parent”, which is of relevance to the Athena SWAN mission. Below is a description fo the even from the eLIfe website:

“Children and research projects have a lot in common. Both can lead to sleepless nights, both require the mastery of specialist techniques, and people who are not parents or scientists often struggle to understand them. However, despite these similarities, family life and a career in research are often portrayed as being incompatible with each other. To shed a light on this topic, our next #ECRWednesday webinar will be hosted by Jeanne Saljie (eLife ECAG, Mahidol-Oxford Tropical Medicine Research Unit, Thailand), Galit Lahav (Harvard Medical School, USA), David Kent (University of Cambridge, UK), and others will join her to share their own experiences and discuss strategies for researchers with young families to help them reach a work-life balance.”

You can register for this event here.

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